Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yep, our kiss after renewing our vows..what a lucky woman I am to have this man, who takes such good care of all of us..Bob, I never tell you enough what you mean to picked me up and gave me confidence and stability after a childhood with none. You made me see the real me, and that I could do anything I wanted to do. Not the scared girl, who was always told I would never amount to anything..You stand up for me, you stand beside me,you stand before me, and I love you more than I could ever tell you..Oh the last 45 years have been filled with family,good times and not so good times, but one thing that stayed the same was our love for each other..You worked so hard seven days a week to provide for us..You let me quit work when Mike was little so we would not have to depend on someone to take care of him and Kelli..You always said, I raised the kids, while you worked and slept..But if not for you doing that, we would have had nothing, what we have and have had all these years is a deep commitment to each other and to our children..You have helped so many people,some who appreciated it, and some who have not..But you still love them all. Since your retirement, you have worked double time with the grandchildren..Giving each one special attention, and they adore you..even baby Grace knows who her Papa is when you walk past her...she looks for you when she hears your voice..Piper was your gift..and she loves to tell everyone that..Bridgette Ann, well, she is such a funny cute little snip of a girl, and everything she says and does is so special to you..Bailey is the hard one right now..but you never give up on him..I know someday all you tell him will sink in ..he is a great kid, just doesn't want anyone to know that right now..He is going through that age thing.. If there is one thing Bob, that we all know about you, it is that anything you can do to help are right there..You take your responsibility so serious as the oldest and only son in your has not always been easy for you, but you are so wise and willing to listen and help anyone..I am so honored that you chose me..I am so in love with you....

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