Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here she is looking at sissy..Brigette loves her but can't understand what all the fuss is for looking in on our baby
Our Baby is almost three months old now and weighs 9 lbs 11oz..still tiny but she is growing and cooing and yelling really!! Very alert and smiles all the time..She is a cutie..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have decided to build on this blog after our anniversary for all things family, reunions etc. I thank my friend Carol for starting this for us. It was a most welcome surprise. I want members of my family to consider this their blog also, to display photos and tell us of events in your life. I hope I can keep up with two blogs now. My other is am an advid scrapper, I love photography and someday I will get that good camera I am saving for. Thanks to all who come here. My heart is overwhelmed..Love to all...Judy
From my friend Annie from Austrailia..thanks Annie, this is wonderful!!!
My baby brother Jimmy..He is a huggy bear of a man..liberal leaning, but I still love ya Jim..

I did a little effect on this picture of the girls and their friend Ronnie, playing in the play room with their easel..Piper loves to play being a teacher, or a magician. The kids were so good during all the party, so many people and they were angels..
Donna,June and Ann playing with Grace.

Cousin Chuck took so many photos and was kind enough to share them with me..Pipey and Bridgey, and boy did Mommy go all out with them...Look at that hair..sleeping all night in foam rollers..You two little ones are so beautiful!!!
Here I am with tears!! What a wonderful party this was..I am talking to June and Donna and June's husband Bill...Pat has kleenex for me...bless you Pat..
Our son in laws mother Pat, who helped the kids put this party together, who made this beautiful wedding cake for us..What a talented lady she is and she is so full of love for her family. What a wonderful grandmother she is to Bailey,Piper, Bridgey and Grace. She treats them all with such love..You did a beautiful thing Pat, you remembered me telling you that I didn't have a wedding cake when I got married..and you made the most beautiful cake and it was delish!!!!! I thank you so much for all you do for Kelli,Doug, and the kids. And I want you to know how much I appreciate you..
The flowers I am holding were made by my daughter for when we renewed our vows..I never had flowers either when we married. Kelli they are beautiful and I will treasure them always.