Sunday, April 19, 2009

My beautiful cousins, on the left is June, and on the right is Donna..I love that they got to come. They live in Springfield and in Cincinnati...They had no idea who had been invited or not. I am so sorry Peggy that you got your feelings hurt..It was Bob's decision I guess not to invite anyone out of state,Kelli only followed what her Dad told her to do. But I guess that an apology will not make any difference now..I am sorry Peggy that you choose not to have anything to do with any of us ever again...ever is a long long time. It took a long time to find all of the family after so many years of not knowing them or where they all were, so this is a shame, to blame you not knowing ,on all of them..And to wish ill will towards Kelli was a little off the wall..She did not do anything wrong. She has been through a lot the last three years with Piper and the adoption. She worked very hard on this party, she was finally in a position to do this for her Dad and me,it was her way of trying to thank us for all we do..but we are family and that is what families do, they help each other. There are a lot of things I could say, but will has been too many things over the years and if you choose not to correspond with any of them because of me,or be it..

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