Sunday, April 19, 2009

This man is one of my kids..Dr. Michael Poland..he has spent many many times at our house. I feel like I raised him..although he did a pretty good job of that on his own. What a great guy this is and what a wonderful family he has..He takes care of Kelli and her family, and we trust him so much. Mike you have no idea what I felt when I saw you and your Cindy at the party. You have such a busy schedule that we do not get to see you and your beautiful family as much as we should. I think your youngest was just a baby the last time I saw him..I see you a bit more when taking the kids in for checkups etc. Mike, did I ever tell you how lucky we are to know you and how proud we are of you and Cindy..Well, we are, and know that we love you so very much..You never ever forget my birthday..I know I will get that phone call or email every year.. I look forward to many many more years with you in our lives...

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