Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary and Thank you all

My beautiful daughter really got me tonight..I though I was going out to a swanky Japanese Restaurant..yeh right..She threw a surprise party for her Daddy and me..I have never been more surprised in my life..But the real surprise was she invited Shane,a city councilman in our town and also their attorney, to renew our vows..It was very touching, and very loving..When we first got married 45 years ago, I think I had on tennis shoes and a dress, and not a dressy one either..I didn't even have a wedding cake or a bridal shower , or any of that. Well tonight I had a wedding cake fit for a queen..My son in laws mother made the most beautiful cake you have ever seen..Pat you out did yourself with the cake..All the work you put in on it and the food..WOW. Thank you sooo much..But the surprises didn't stop was the people that were family from Cincinnati, I was so surprised, I didn't know what to say or do..and then there was Jeff...OMG..Jeff, my late brothers son..If Skippy couldn't be there, he was in Jeff and in my heart. Skip, I miss you so much, and the years have not softened that, I still miss you so.ANd Billy...I sure missed you. I understand that you could not be there, but it would have been the icing on the cake..Then I saw Jimmy, my little brother,and my cousins Donna and June and their husbands..I just could not wrap my brain around all of it..and my Buddy's, my best friends, Gerri and Al and Judy and Ed. SO many people to name,so many who worked on this..Carol, you made Bob and I a special blog so people that I know and love from Scrap booking could post pages and leave All the work that Gerri and Carol did on that was astounding and I am forever grateful and it was all worth it Gerri, cause I got a kiss from My Al..I love all the messages and pages that everyone put on.. were beautiful tonight and you helped Kelli pull this off, you kept the secret and ran with it..We will miss you when you leave us again for the SOUTH..YOu have been such a blessing to Mike, he will miss you beyond belief.. I can not say thank you enough, it just does not do it justice. Our little girls were so beautiful tonight..OMG, their hair all curled up and all dressed to the nines..Piper even had on Sequin was too cute..Even little Gracie had on ruffled panties over her diaper..Connie and Harvey, I so loved seeing you there..My com padre over these 45 years, the one who knows all I have been through..Bob and Harvey are cousins but love each other as brothers and grew up together... My neighbor Ann who is 90 years old, and whom Bob and I adore was there also. Charlotte another of Mikes caregivers came and my Miss Charlotte, in a dress were so pretty tonight.My daughter..had her gold jewelry made into a ring for me..Several years ago I lost the diamond out of my ring..we never found it or replace it..She had a ring designed for me with a blue sapphire OMG it is so beautiful..Kelli and took our breath away tonight, you did such a loving thing for your Dad and me..I love you both so very very much. You have a beautiful little family and you have been through so much the last two years, but you made it all work..Bailey you were so awesome tonight, and you looked so great..You even picked out the design on my ring..How proud I am to wear it. Mikey, you sure kept a secret from your thought we were going to the begged to go and I had to tell you no..and all the wile the party was at your sisters..I am tired and sleepy now and oh so happy..Thank you to all my friends on Scrapbook Flair for your messages, for your pages and for your love. Thank you to my family, to my friends, and to Dr. Mike and Cindy..that was another are so much like family to our family Mike..We love you so much...I will post more tomorrow on here and on the other blog..Love to you all from one happy lady...This photo was taken by Chuck and sent to me by Donna.Thank you so much..

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