Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here she is looking at sissy..Brigette loves her but can't understand what all the fuss is for looking in on our baby
Our Baby is almost three months old now and weighs 9 lbs 11oz..still tiny but she is growing and cooing and yelling really!! Very alert and smiles all the time..She is a cutie..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have decided to build on this blog after our anniversary for all things family, reunions etc. I thank my friend Carol for starting this for us. It was a most welcome surprise. I want members of my family to consider this their blog also, to display photos and tell us of events in your life. I hope I can keep up with two blogs now. My other is am an advid scrapper, I love photography and someday I will get that good camera I am saving for. Thanks to all who come here. My heart is overwhelmed..Love to all...Judy
From my friend Annie from Austrailia..thanks Annie, this is wonderful!!!
My baby brother Jimmy..He is a huggy bear of a man..liberal leaning, but I still love ya Jim..

I did a little effect on this picture of the girls and their friend Ronnie, playing in the play room with their easel..Piper loves to play being a teacher, or a magician. The kids were so good during all the party, so many people and they were angels..
Donna,June and Ann playing with Grace.

Cousin Chuck took so many photos and was kind enough to share them with me..Pipey and Bridgey, and boy did Mommy go all out with them...Look at that hair..sleeping all night in foam rollers..You two little ones are so beautiful!!!
Here I am with tears!! What a wonderful party this was..I am talking to June and Donna and June's husband Bill...Pat has kleenex for me...bless you Pat..
Our son in laws mother Pat, who helped the kids put this party together, who made this beautiful wedding cake for us..What a talented lady she is and she is so full of love for her family. What a wonderful grandmother she is to Bailey,Piper, Bridgey and Grace. She treats them all with such love..You did a beautiful thing Pat, you remembered me telling you that I didn't have a wedding cake when I got married..and you made the most beautiful cake and it was delish!!!!! I thank you so much for all you do for Kelli,Doug, and the kids. And I want you to know how much I appreciate you..
The flowers I am holding were made by my daughter for when we renewed our vows..I never had flowers either when we married. Kelli they are beautiful and I will treasure them always.
Yep, our kiss after renewing our vows..what a lucky woman I am to have this man, who takes such good care of all of us..Bob, I never tell you enough what you mean to picked me up and gave me confidence and stability after a childhood with none. You made me see the real me, and that I could do anything I wanted to do. Not the scared girl, who was always told I would never amount to anything..You stand up for me, you stand beside me,you stand before me, and I love you more than I could ever tell you..Oh the last 45 years have been filled with family,good times and not so good times, but one thing that stayed the same was our love for each other..You worked so hard seven days a week to provide for us..You let me quit work when Mike was little so we would not have to depend on someone to take care of him and Kelli..You always said, I raised the kids, while you worked and slept..But if not for you doing that, we would have had nothing, what we have and have had all these years is a deep commitment to each other and to our children..You have helped so many people,some who appreciated it, and some who have not..But you still love them all. Since your retirement, you have worked double time with the grandchildren..Giving each one special attention, and they adore you..even baby Grace knows who her Papa is when you walk past her...she looks for you when she hears your voice..Piper was your gift..and she loves to tell everyone that..Bridgette Ann, well, she is such a funny cute little snip of a girl, and everything she says and does is so special to you..Bailey is the hard one right now..but you never give up on him..I know someday all you tell him will sink in ..he is a great kid, just doesn't want anyone to know that right now..He is going through that age thing.. If there is one thing Bob, that we all know about you, it is that anything you can do to help are right there..You take your responsibility so serious as the oldest and only son in your has not always been easy for you, but you are so wise and willing to listen and help anyone..I am so honored that you chose me..I am so in love with you....

Kelli me with Al and Gerri.. Gerri has been one of my best friends in this whole world..And when Gerri loves know you are loved. If she knows something is wrong, she is right there..When I had all my surgeries she was right here with dinner for us..Al made Spaghetti and meatballs..home made..I will never forget it..I had to eat mine mixed in the blender, but it was delicious..Bob and I value your friendship, and we love you so much..What is better in this world but friends like you..Thank you,thank you, for all you do for us...Miss Gerri is my partner in crime, just not gonna tell you what the crime is lol.....
This man is one of my kids..Dr. Michael Poland..he has spent many many times at our house. I feel like I raised him..although he did a pretty good job of that on his own. What a great guy this is and what a wonderful family he has..He takes care of Kelli and her family, and we trust him so much. Mike you have no idea what I felt when I saw you and your Cindy at the party. You have such a busy schedule that we do not get to see you and your beautiful family as much as we should. I think your youngest was just a baby the last time I saw him..I see you a bit more when taking the kids in for checkups etc. Mike, did I ever tell you how lucky we are to know you and how proud we are of you and Cindy..Well, we are, and know that we love you so very much..You never ever forget my birthday..I know I will get that phone call or email every year.. I look forward to many many more years with you in our lives...
My beautiful cousins, on the left is June, and on the right is Donna..I love that they got to come. They live in Springfield and in Cincinnati...They had no idea who had been invited or not. I am so sorry Peggy that you got your feelings hurt..It was Bob's decision I guess not to invite anyone out of state,Kelli only followed what her Dad told her to do. But I guess that an apology will not make any difference now..I am sorry Peggy that you choose not to have anything to do with any of us ever again...ever is a long long time. It took a long time to find all of the family after so many years of not knowing them or where they all were, so this is a shame, to blame you not knowing ,on all of them..And to wish ill will towards Kelli was a little off the wall..She did not do anything wrong. She has been through a lot the last three years with Piper and the adoption. She worked very hard on this party, she was finally in a position to do this for her Dad and me,it was her way of trying to thank us for all we do..but we are family and that is what families do, they help each other. There are a lot of things I could say, but will has been too many things over the years and if you choose not to correspond with any of them because of me,or be it..
Here I am walking in the door and what a look on my face..I have never been more surprised..Yep Kelli, you sure got me...
I am sorry that I am just now posting more photos of our party..Lots happening, I threw my knee out, and have had a CT scan on Friday..Have an appt with an ortho doc next Thurs. So it has been slow going..I sit for any length of time and it is excruciating getting up.. I also just got a lot of the pictures from my cousin Donna when she was here on Wed..I just love when she comes, we go shopping and what fun we have..This photo is Bob's cousin Harvey and Connie..Harvey and Bob are more like brothers than cousins.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Judy and Donna

My beautiful cousin Donna made this page and sent it to me..She was the first cousin I got re-aquainted with after all those years..I love you Miss very much..You and I, well we would just stay in trouble all the time if we lived closer..Our babies first name was in honor of your Mother and Dougs grandmother..Thank you so much for coming to my party..thank you for your gift, and thank you for being in my life...
This photo was taken by me at our anniversary party. Mommy and Gracie..I love this page..It must be now, one of my all time favorites..Thanks Mommy, for all you do..

Happy Anniversary from Lilly

To Judy & Bob,I am so happy for you both,and I made this page to show you that I was thinking of you on your big occasion,I hope that you like it!! I wish you many more years of happiness together,all my love Today and Always your friend Lilly AKA MissLilly xox

Monday, April 6, 2009

We are renewing our Vows..this was set up by our Kelli.

Yes I did it..I smeared it on him, but good kind gentle man that he is, did not dare to smash it into all my
Our Cake, that Pat made for me..She remembered that I told her that I never had one..Pat this is beautiful and we loved it and it was sooo good. I know you worked a long time and with your schedule it was not easy, but you did it from your heart..We love you..

My loves, one of the reasons my heart beats.I love you little ones so the moon and back, to infinity,to the ends of the earth..Bridgey, Bailey and Piper, and Gracie in Bays lap.
I have never drank Champagne before, I do not father was an alcoholic and I have always been afraid I would like it..SO I don't touch it..But I did have a few sips of this. It was a toast to Bob and me..

Kelli and Michael

This photo means so much to me, not only because they are my children, not only because Mike is so Special, but it mirrors the one and only photo of them together as adults when they graduated in 1987. Mike from MRDD training Center and Kelli from High School. There is a three year difference in them, but Training Center goes till age 22. This photo mirrors that one almost exactly..This touched our hearts in ways hard to imagine..

My sweet Kelli and her Doug,They took this photo to surprise us for our anniversary.

Left to right, Doug,Kelli with Gracie,Brigette Ann,Bailey, Piper Riley,and our Michalel..This was beautiful framed..

From Jael

Many blessings to you and your husband. Your home be filled with great peace and joy. with love,Jael (Jaelop Desings)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Miss Gracie smiling at her papa..she has already made a connection to him and he loves her so..

Doug and Bailey and Kelli, I am having trouble with my computor taking the card from Kelli's camera, so will post more as she get them to me on disk..

Renewing our Vows

A photo that Chuck took of us renewing our vows..the flowers were made by my sweet daughter..I never had any when we married all those years ago..

Happy Anniversary and Thank you all

My beautiful daughter really got me tonight..I though I was going out to a swanky Japanese Restaurant..yeh right..She threw a surprise party for her Daddy and me..I have never been more surprised in my life..But the real surprise was she invited Shane,a city councilman in our town and also their attorney, to renew our vows..It was very touching, and very loving..When we first got married 45 years ago, I think I had on tennis shoes and a dress, and not a dressy one either..I didn't even have a wedding cake or a bridal shower , or any of that. Well tonight I had a wedding cake fit for a queen..My son in laws mother made the most beautiful cake you have ever seen..Pat you out did yourself with the cake..All the work you put in on it and the food..WOW. Thank you sooo much..But the surprises didn't stop was the people that were family from Cincinnati, I was so surprised, I didn't know what to say or do..and then there was Jeff...OMG..Jeff, my late brothers son..If Skippy couldn't be there, he was in Jeff and in my heart. Skip, I miss you so much, and the years have not softened that, I still miss you so.ANd Billy...I sure missed you. I understand that you could not be there, but it would have been the icing on the cake..Then I saw Jimmy, my little brother,and my cousins Donna and June and their husbands..I just could not wrap my brain around all of it..and my Buddy's, my best friends, Gerri and Al and Judy and Ed. SO many people to name,so many who worked on this..Carol, you made Bob and I a special blog so people that I know and love from Scrap booking could post pages and leave All the work that Gerri and Carol did on that was astounding and I am forever grateful and it was all worth it Gerri, cause I got a kiss from My Al..I love all the messages and pages that everyone put on.. were beautiful tonight and you helped Kelli pull this off, you kept the secret and ran with it..We will miss you when you leave us again for the SOUTH..YOu have been such a blessing to Mike, he will miss you beyond belief.. I can not say thank you enough, it just does not do it justice. Our little girls were so beautiful tonight..OMG, their hair all curled up and all dressed to the nines..Piper even had on Sequin was too cute..Even little Gracie had on ruffled panties over her diaper..Connie and Harvey, I so loved seeing you there..My com padre over these 45 years, the one who knows all I have been through..Bob and Harvey are cousins but love each other as brothers and grew up together... My neighbor Ann who is 90 years old, and whom Bob and I adore was there also. Charlotte another of Mikes caregivers came and my Miss Charlotte, in a dress were so pretty tonight.My daughter..had her gold jewelry made into a ring for me..Several years ago I lost the diamond out of my ring..we never found it or replace it..She had a ring designed for me with a blue sapphire OMG it is so beautiful..Kelli and took our breath away tonight, you did such a loving thing for your Dad and me..I love you both so very very much. You have a beautiful little family and you have been through so much the last two years, but you made it all work..Bailey you were so awesome tonight, and you looked so great..You even picked out the design on my ring..How proud I am to wear it. Mikey, you sure kept a secret from your thought we were going to the begged to go and I had to tell you no..and all the wile the party was at your sisters..I am tired and sleepy now and oh so happy..Thank you to all my friends on Scrapbook Flair for your messages, for your pages and for your love. Thank you to my family, to my friends, and to Dr. Mike and Cindy..that was another are so much like family to our family Mike..We love you so much...I will post more tomorrow on here and on the other blog..Love to you all from one happy lady...This photo was taken by Chuck and sent to me by Donna.Thank you so much..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Judy and Bob

Happy Anniversary, Love Renee and Katie

Happy Anniversary from My Inspiration (Rose)

Dear Judy..
Congratulations on your 45 years of marriage!!
Love, Valentina Rose (aka My Inspiration)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary from Tina Myers

a wonderful and happy anniversary wish from Tina Myers

Happy anniversary from Christy

Bob and Judy,

Congrats on spending 45 years together. May you continue to love, care, and supprt each other for many more.


Happy 45th

May you continue to have many more years of bliss
Love Gerri

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary from Susan Sieb

"Congratulations on 45 years of marriage! Judy - despite the trials you've faced you remain a warm, loving and compassionate lady and with Bob's help have raised a beautiful family. You should both be very proud of all that you've achieved over the past 45 year together. Bob - you're a lucky man!"
"with much love from Susan"